PR1 For time delay of lighting &ballast
For time delay of lighting &ballast-----High reliability, good performance of safety and stability, and Used in the frequent-switching. The withstanding voltage can reach to over 600-1000VAC.Switching current can pass over 100,000 times: the resistance will not float.Applied in: energy-saving lamps, fluorescent electronic ballasts, and digital multi-meters.

PRY For time delay of lighting &ballast
For time delay of lighting &ballast---------As the preheating and softly-starting component of the electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps, the intelligent PTCR without power consumption can greatly increase the light switching time and operating time. Meanwhile, it can overcome the disadvantage of temperature-rising after preheating and starting of the electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps, therefore improve the amount of the flowing light and the lighting efficiency of the lamps. It can be considered as another breakthrough revolution of green illumination electric appliances.

PR2 For overcurrent and overload protection
For overcurrent and overload protection----------PTC of PR2 series is a million- time safety device of automatic protection, recoverability, using repeatedly, and no trigger ,noise or sparks.-------When PTC is in the normal state, the resistance is too low to affect the regular work of the protected circuit such as the voltage transformerí»s primary and secondary loops.------When the circuit is in disorder, the PTC will generate heat suddenly, and the resistance value will go up to the high state,. which can make the circuit in the state of relatively í░breaking upí▒ to protect the circuit.

PR3 For the circuit of motor starting
For the circuit of motor starting----------Starting-circuit with PTC Thermistor has more advantages than the previous heavy-hammer starting-circuit.-. No trigger or noise, free Switching, and Long Operating Life-. It can control the current without other controllers.-. The small size can be connected directly to compressors for use-. Support most of the return circuits that compressors need-. Low Power Consumption-. High Stability Durability and Reliability-. Cheap for ití»s many functions-. Quick and Powerful Starting

PR4 For heating
For heating-----------.With the characteristic of constant temperature, the PTC heater does not need the temperature-controlling system.-.If the PTC heater is used to heat the cold wind, it will not be destroyed when the wind is stopped.-.If the PTC heater is used to heat the liquid (eg: water), it will not be destroyed when the liquid is burnt to be dry.

PR6 For thermal protection
For thermal protection----------- protection temperature range: 60íź130íŠ- quick action time- good stability- small size and convenient installment- no setting again after over-heat protection- applied in: transformers, power parts, and all types of electricity machinery that work continuously, such as: switching power supply, automatic lathe, electro-thermal oven and so on.

PR7 For degaussing in the CRT of TV
For degaussing in the CRT of TV
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